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To truly enjoy all the breathtaking moments in life sometimes you have to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To get out where it's just you and the world alone, in silence and in contemplation. There is no better place than the rugged terrain of the Himalayan Mountains to get in touch with your inner peace.


We began from humble beginnings and we prefer to keep it that way. Our story begins in Nepal where thousands of tourists visit each year. These tourists come to escape their worlds to find peace and sanctuary in the wilderness and stillness of the Himalayan Mountains. Unfortunately, when visiting many tourists dump tons of garbage along the paths they venture on. We started by following their footsteps and cleaning up after them. That is how this all began, the rest is history. 

Now we invite you to join us on a wonderful and amazing trek through the mountain valleys and the rugged terrains to witness Nepal and the Himalayans first hand. Truth be told, there is nothing quite like it.

Himalayan Green Trips is proud to be Nepal's premier green trekking agency dedicated to sustainable travel throughout Nepal. When you trek with us you will not only experience some of Nepal's most beautiful locations, you will also be making environmentally sound travel choices. You will experience an authentic travel adventure, encouraging deeper connections with the people and places you visit. Our goal is to leave the places we visit better than when we arrive. We encourage responsible travel practices that pay attention to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Himalayan Green Trip as the name suggests, is a very memorable trip consisting of all the fun, adventures, and excitements but with zero or minimal negative impacts on the environment. The Himalayan green trip does not miss out on any Himalayan adventures or thrills but at the top adds an extremely different sensation, about the feeling with zero negative impacts on nature. This is the beginning of a new traveling experience in the Himalayas in every aspect. Imagine witnessing the beautiful mountains while enjoying the local foods, not burgers or sausages, or any processed food that requires a lot of harmful agents such as plastics, not leaving behind any chemical wastes. We encourage our travelers to enjoy the locally grown foods with the same amazing touch that suits their taste. We even suggest our travelers drink natural spring water to reduce bottled water packaging that includes plastics. The water provided will be 100% drinkable which we have carefully boiled and filtered it. As well to ensure easy portability, we'll be using reusable water bottles and refills at various stops. All travel plans and itineraries are based on the pack in and pack out principles.


Himalayan Green Trips was started by Raj Kumar Shrestha. His vision was to provide outsiders with an insight to everyday life in Nepal. His focus lies in providing clean water, sanitation and food to all those in Nepal. He also created Let's Clean Up Nepal which is a private NGO that workes tirelessly to clean up tons of garbage and trash left behind by people who visit Nepal and the Himalayan Mountains. Now he also provides you with an opportunity to join him and his crew on trekking adventures through these unbeaten paths and witness Nepal for yourself..

Other Guides Include:

Bibek Bhatta, Hom Shrestha, Suman Magar, Yug Bahadur Tamang, Ambar Tamang, Binayek Malla, Nima Thendu Sherpa, Negate Sherpa, Dinesh Godar, Ananta Rai, Raveen Shrestha, Unisha Shrestha, Hom Shrestha


Raj Kumar Shrestha

Raj Kumar Shrestha

Himalayan Green Trips Ambassador & Organizer

Our Porters..

Support porters


Himalayan Green Trips is proud to announce we support our porters to not carry more than a 20kg backpack, we pay them a good living wage in trekking history. We provide $20 each day for their daily base salary and provide travel insurance during the trip. The porters' health and safety are foremost first, their clothes and equipment. We have 100% satisfied porters who love and enjoy working with us. Himalayan Green Trips supports the porter community to encourage other porters and travel companies to respect and treat the porters well.   An interesting fact is our porters contribute $1 each day during their trip to the "Porter support community" to assist in the development of the porter union. This supports porters and raises the voice of porters.


We have been supporting the neediest porters since the nationwide lockdown of COVID-19



Our guides and porters

We have more than 10 years of experience with mountain guides, trekking guides, tour guides, and city guides to take you safely to your destination and back. Our guides are fully energetic, funny, honest, and well experienced for mountain guiding and high mountain altitude sickness. The guides have good knowledge of the geology of mountains and recent environmental pollution.

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