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Let's Clean Up Nepal

Take Action Today, For a Better Tomorrow


Every year tons, upon tons of waste, are accumulated in the mountains on the trekking routes that are consumed by the travelers. To stop the worsening of this major issue, we insist on carrying out all the goods that we bring in the mountains. To make this campaign effective, travelers can also volunteer to clean the trails. Toxic trash has continuously piled up in the mountains with the increasing movement of the people, the process has taken its speed faster than ever. We plan to carry down at least 1 kg of recyclable waste from the mountains to the cities to reduce adverse effects on local communities.

Our main goal is to reverse the existing trend of polluting the mountains while contributing to building the bases of sustainable tourism. We plan to educate the locals about the adverse effects of rising pollution and the current global warming scenario. As a part of the plan, we will be actively involved in attaching LCUN posters on the mountain guest houses, talking with guides, porters, and other tourists.


We’ve figured out that with proper advice and consultations with all the parties, we can truly make an impact and make a noticeable difference. Our team members which include guides and porters will be focused on the goal of sustainable and green tourism. We start within ourselves by completely discarding the single-use plastics and we also carry our trash bags to bring back our trash.

The Himalayan green trip also specializes in all the city tours and travels all over the country with the same dedication and motto. Our entire team specializes in making the travelers experience the best of the services available with customizable tour packages. With the help of experienced guides, trekkers, porters, and team members, we are all in for providing the most enjoyable and unforgettable trips in Nepal.

Message from the Founder

My name is Raj Kumar Shrestha. Namaste. I have been a mountain guide since 2012, working as a guide with several trekking companies. Since 2017 I have been organizing green trips in Nepal. On the treks, I used to see burning mountains, trash everywhere on the mountains, trekking trails where the travelers, guides, and trekking companies were not respecting nature. I felt so bad witnessing so much mountain pollution this is why I have changed myself to clean the mountain since 2017. I have started to clean up the trekking trails and spread an environmental message through Let's Clean Up Nepal to guides, porters, travelers, and locals. We are all aware that plastic pollution is a major issue in the mountain area. I have been trying my best to minimize the mountain pollution by our actions. I have done many trips from 2012 to 2016 but since 2017 I am especially dedicated to sustainable trips through Himalayan Green Trips. We have already cleaned up 16 times different mountain trails and managed the waste as well as have done 44 different health and environmental education campaigns through the Let's Clean Up Nepal.

As I am a tourist guide while guiding I have seen drastic changes in climate for the past 10 years. I urge all guides, travel companies, and travelers to act now to save the mountain by your action, it doesn't matter how small you are needed to help save the mountain it counts by leaving just the footprints on the mountain.

Also, I want all the travelers to rethink mountain pollution and start a green trip all over the world and leave only footprints wherever we go.

I aim to see all travel companies start green initiatives through their trips.  Guides who need to know about mountain pollution and how to take action to save our mountains for the next generations.


Your small action will save the mountains so it will be the same for our next generations so, "let's walk together to save the mountains and by doing green trips with us."



We supported more than 100 porters within the lockdown pandemic period. We are making a documentary movie "Voice of the Porters", to raise the awareness of porters. We are bringing out their painful and hidden stories. Let's Clean Up Nepal and Himalayan Green Trips team to clean the mountain project and support porters after the covid crisis.



Raj Kumar Shrestha

Raj Kumar Shrestha

Himalayan Green Trips Ambassador & Organizer

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